The story of GOPO® began, as do many good stories, with someone with an inquisitive, alert mind and the desire to make the world a little bit better. In our case, that man was Erik Hansen who, in the 1980s, took note of an acquaintance who had been eating pickled rose hips her entire life and never had a cold. The friend recommended rose hip to Erik, who had osteoarthritis and did not like to take painkillers. Erik found this interesting, and as he always had been an inventor type, he began processing his own rose hips in a special way that would preserve their active substances and effectiveness.

Erik was specifically motivated by the idea that rose hip could support joint health and, as opposed to pain relievers, would be a long-term and safe solution. Though he had recently retired, and though he faced some doubters, he soon had a second career fueled by the best proof one could hope for: word of mouth. Across his country of Denmark, Erik began distributing his rose hip powder from his small truck at health fairs.

By 1995, demand became so strong that Erik transitioned his business from a successful hobby to a full scale, commercial operation called Hyben Vital ApS. His state-of-the-art production facility, on the island of Langeland, was built specifically to cultivate, harvest and process a particular subspecies of rose hip, rosa canina lito.

At the same time, validation for his claims about his rose hip’s effectiveness started ringing true with the scientific community. The levels and quality of the “galactolipids” found in his rose hip powder, mainly attributed to his patented processing method — including a low temperature drying process, were found to support joint mobility and possibly support collagen and cartilage production. Hyben Vital did their own primary research as well, investing heavily in scientific study and research.

Since his humble, grassroots beginnings, Erik Hansen, now with his son, Torbjorn Hansen, has refined his process and product to the benefit of thousands of joint pain sufferers throughout Europe. To this day, the company follows Erik’s founding principles of careful handling of raw materials to preserve the power of the active substances.

Today, that same formula, in its same strength, is available in the US under our name, GOPO® Rosehip with Galactolipids. While there are many other rose hip products on the market, there is only one GOPO the original from Denmark and the only rose hip product supported by clinical research. It is protected by the patents it holds in the refinement and production processes, with the specific objective of joint care and mobility.



GOPO believes that far more important than what you say is what you do, and that’s especially true for a company trusted with your well being. So we want to make to you some promises. First, we will always put your health first, which means safety and product quality and effectiveness are our top priority. Nothing is more important. We have been a leader in natural joint care because our product works, not because we’re good at selling it. We will continue that emphasis. We promise to be honest. We know that someone who takes GOPO for three weeks is more likely to feel better than someone taking it for one week. We are not a quick fix or short term pain reliever. We promise to never make claims that stretch the truth. We are people of nature and people of science and facts are very important to us. We promise to continue listening to customers either directly or through research and to use this information responsibly and to make our product better. For those of you who take your long-term health as seriously as we take your long-term health, we will make fantastic partners.