Only GOPO® Rosehip with Galactolipids is produced under patented methods and conditions designed specifically for joint and cartilage care and health maintenance. There is only one GOPO.

A special cultivar of rose plant.

Shakespeare wrote that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” While this may be poetic, the name of rose that produces rose hip for GOPO matters to us a great deal, right down to the subspecies. Rosa canina lito is the botanical name for the exact rose that is used to produce the rose hips and galactolipids proven effective for joint health. Rosa canina is a wild, climbing rose native to Europe, northwest Africa and western Asia, and its rose hips are the only rose hips found in genuine GOPO. GOPO’s rose bushes grow for three to four years before the rose hip fruit is harvested. This ensures the plants’ roots tap into rich minerals deep underground, fostering galactolipid concentration.

Cultivated and processed at only in one place in the world.

GOPO’s Rosehip with Galactolipids begins with all-natural rose hip from a single source in Langeland, Denmark. Hyben Vital ApS is the only company in the world that produces the level of purity and concentration of galactolipids proven beneficial in improving joint conditions. It is here that the previously wild species of rose, rosa canina, was first grown commercially and their manufacturing process is protected by a patent.

“GOPO has given me relief. My workouts are much more effective, and my training and recovery is far less painful without the constant discomfort I once had.”
Jessica, 29 — shoulders, fingers, neck, overall mobility
“What an easy way to get results! My knees were hurting a lot. I could not walk as much without feeling the pain. So much better now!”
Terry, 55 — knees, overall mobility
“This is not the first time I have tried something to help combat my aches and pains, but it is the first time that I really felt a difference. My exercise has been very important to me for over 30 years and anything that insures my continuance is something that I will cherish!”
Pat, 67 — shoulders, overall mobility
“I would recommend GOPO to alleviate daily pain. It works much better than glucosamine for me.”
Sunny, 34 — knees, shoulders, wrists, hips, overall mobility
“After the first three weeks I noticed my knee pain was gone. I was able to walk up and down stairs and exercise harder while taking it.”
Lynne, 50 — feet, wrists, knees, overall mobility
"I've been taking your supplement for about 3 months now, and my knees feel amazing! I've always had joint issues, so I'm glad I've finally found a supplement that I can stick to, and that works.”
Jacquelyn — knees, overall mobility

Drying in an idyllic, controlled environment.

We love warm days, cool nights and dew on rose hips, but nature’s fluctuations can rob rose hip of its essential active galactolipids and other nutrients. So when it comes to the drying process, science beats nature. We use a highly controlled environment of low temperatures and low humidity to gently, but thoroughly, dry GOPO’s rose hip in just days, protecting the valuable galactolipids and other nutrients to maximize efficacy. Other rose hip products bake in the harsh, bright sunlight and are exposed to environmental fluctuations while they dry outdoors over many weeks, degrading their potency.

Research and proven results on our specific rose hip supplement.

The extensive research and positive findings in clinical studies are for GOPO Rosehip with Galactolipids and are not relevant to any other rose hip supplement product on the market. In fact, the depth and worldwide scope of the scientific evidence is unique in the world of natural food supplements. The clinical trials with real people, the conference presentations and the research results published in many respected journals give GOPO the confidence to offer you a money back guarantee on our supplement.